Hi, Welcome to Roootin

In 2015, Solmaz founded Roootin as a personal blog that came forth out of a path of introspection through yoga and meditation. This quest to wholeness; the union of mind, body and spirit, led to creating a cafe in Amsterdam together with her family. Roootin was home to many, a place where the family could explore and reconnect with their Kurdish-Iranian roots and share this with all of their guests through food and hospitality. A place to share knowledge, to inspire and be inspired. 

Roootin allowed to connect with each other, but also to take a moment to sit back and reconnect with yourself, in a space where nature was brought inside and the feeling of belonging to a family was ever-present. Combining traditional Middle Eastern influences with Western food culture, the Roootin-family came up with a cuisine which reflects their roots and contains a signature Roootin taste. Roootin's Iranian Kitchen brings together the essentials of Iranian cuisine, the healing properties and social aspects of food, with insights into the joy and process of creating food from scratch, to inspire everyone cook with love and passion.

Derived from the words roots & origin, Roootin became a way of life, with a focus on the essence of being. Inspired by ancient knowledge and wisdom traditions. Roootin aspires to share ways to cultivate a lifestyle that nurtures all aspects of your life; physical, mental and emotional health, relationships, personal growth, and spiritual connection.